Strive is the world’s first business transformation network

The product

Drive change with the world’s most engaging performance scorecards

Our scorecards help organizations better communicate their strategy and obsessively drive its execution, by clearly showing each customer and employee how they’re doing in an engaging, fun and easy-to-understand way. We constantly highlight what is going well and where there is room for improvement and how each individual stacks-up in comparison to their colleagues – driving a healthy dose of competition.

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Leverage the same performance system for everyone in your organization from your front-liners to the C-suite

Our scorecards aggregate up and down the organization, from front line personnel to c-suite executives, with dedicated targets for each individual. This increases visibility and alignment and creates a common performance language throughout the organization. With Strive you can easily identify the strengths and improvement areas of each employee and manager in one concise view.

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Use the same system to drive change for your organizations stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, partners and more

The magic about our system is that you can use it with all your organization's stakeholders including your customers, employees, suppliers, partners and any vertical of your business, providing the necessary data, engagement and motivation for continuous improvement and excellence in everything you do.

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Create a superior experience with a highly effective feedback and close-the-loop system

We leverage our performance measurement system to encourage Strive users to provide instant and continuous feedback on top of our scorecards. Customers provide feedback on their experience, employees on how happy they are with their work, and your suppliers on ways your business can improve. We combine this with a robust close-the-loop system that automatically dispatches the feedback to the relevant people with a clear call to action.

Our feedback collection mechanism generates a 10-20x increase in the number of feedbacks you collect and helps drive real action and improvement in each and every experience front.

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Drive continuous improvement with an exciting reward system and your own branded merchandise store

Strive motivates customers and employees by distributing “frequent flyer” like coins for use of the system and as incentives for actions that can reduce company costs, increase revenue and encourage other desired behavior. These coins are used in on online store to purchase your company’s branded merchandise and increase engagement while strengthening your brand.

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An engaging modern omni-channel experience

We believe that business users deserve an online experience that is as good or better than the one consumers currently get. Our platform provides an omnichannel experience melding native mobile apps (iOS and Android), responsive emails, a web-app, and text messages, delivering visibility, alignment and engagement anytime, anywhere.

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